A Fedora Activity Day was held at the Red Hat office at Pune, India on the 29th and 30th of May, 2010. The event page can be found here and the reports by the attendees is here. I had the opportunity to be a part of the event which turned out to be a great learning experience for me.

meejan , yevlempy and /me reached Pune just past midnight on the 28th. We reached the Red Hat office the next day at 9 a.m. The day started with a session on GNU Autotools by debiansid after which everyone present there spoke of the work they intended to do over the weekend. After struggling with many typos for sometime, I finally managed to get things working.

Meejan and /me worked on gFotoStat over the two days. Since the release of v 0.2, we had got a list of around 8 bugs/features to be worked upon and I worked on shortening the list as much as possible. Meanwhile, I also submitted the gfotostat spec for  review.  Meejan and myself managed to kill some of the bugs and added a Preferences menu to the app. (it is not fully functional as of now). Unmanindu suggested to add an option to select the bar or pie charts to be set as default view from the Preferences menu. Also, on the 30th was his talk on OLPC as a Fedora downstream which was recorded by kushal. View the talk here (111 mb)

Towards the end of the event, there was a feedback session and discussion whether organizing such FADs did serve its purpose and  FUDCon among other things.

Some work still left to do after which I will be finishing as soon as my semester exams wrap up (on the 18th) Expecting  the v0.3 release of gFotoStat very soon after that.


Thanks to Sankarshan‘s comment on the gFotoStat v0.2 release post, Meejan and myself made a rpm of gFotoStat.

The repo can be found here

The .repo file can be found here.

Please try it out and comment. Any feedback would be much helpful. 😀

btw, found a few bugs already :-/ Also, looking forward to sorting the parameters and adding a progress bar soon 🙂

It’s been quite a while since the initial release of gFotoStat. Meejan and myself have been working on adding new features to the app. and killing bugs and are extremely happy to release gFotoStat v 0.2  😀

The latest version can be downloaded here.

New features added :-

  • All generated images have proper descriptions.
  • Bar chart functionality added. Now, user has option to view either pie chart or bar charts.
  • User can save the generated image(s) from the File menu (it saves in the png format as of now

This is the intial screen that greets you when gFotoStat is first run.

Click on ‘Browse’ and select a folder containing some pictures. Click on ‘Generate’ to generate the charts.

A snapshot of the generated bar chart.

Few more snaps :-

Shutter Speed Bar Plot

Focal Length Pie Chart

We did manage to kill some bugs, but there still a few (read: many) are left.

Looking forward to add more features too… any comments/feedback would be of much  help!

For the past few weeks, Meejan and myself have been working on a photograph statistics application, gFotoStat.

In the form of pie-charts, gFotoStat provides info such as the Aperture, ISO, Focal Length and Shutter Speed of a number of images of a  folder. The first release v 0.1 😀 can be found here for download.

All this began on 4th March’ 10, when Kushal Das was in Durgapur to take a workshop on Python and PyGtk in Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College. Staying up till 4 a.m., Harsh(yevlempy), Meejan, Kushal, Rtnpro and myself, had a lot of fun and that night, gFotoStat was born :D. Since then, Meejan and myself have been working on it closely with Kushal and now, a basic, usable version is ready.

It’s the first time that we’re working on something like this and this has been a very good learning experience. Over the coming few weeks, we intend to add more features such as an option to view bar charts instead of pie-charts, etc. and kill more and more bugs (got sooo many already! 😀 ). The app’s still an infant! 😉

Would be pleased to receive feedback or suggestions that might help…