gFotoStat repo created

Thanks to Sankarshan‘s comment on the gFotoStat v0.2 release post, Meejan and myself made a rpm of gFotoStat.

The repo can be found here

The .repo file can be found here.

Please try it out and comment. Any feedback would be much helpful. πŸ˜€

btw, found a few bugs already :-/ Also, looking forward to sorting the parameters and adding a progress bar soon πŸ™‚

  1. [0] The Save As button doesn’t seem to pop up the Home as the default place (it goes to /usr/share/gfotostat) for saving. Which also brings the question – what are you asking the user to save ?

    [1] If I run it once over one collection, and, then point it to another using Browse, Generate, it tends to become unresponsive. The first collection had 800+ photographs, the second has 3000+

    [2] Clicking on any item in the overview should allow that specific part to come up instead of choosing from the drop-down

    [3] Number of images as opposed to percentage of images in the axis would be a good data point

    [4] Allowing a feature to search by dates and generate datapoints would be nice too

    [5] Help -> About does not seem to throw up anything

    [6] Using Bar graphs as the default mode might be a good idea

    [7] For users who do have specific locations etc, allowing that to be set via a Preferences dialog or, a configuration option would make this quick and easy to use.

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