gFotoStat v0.2 released

It’s been quite a while since the initial release of gFotoStat. Meejan and myself have been working on adding new features to the app. and killing bugs and are extremely happy to release gFotoStat v 0.2  😀

The latest version can be downloaded here.

New features added :-

  • All generated images have proper descriptions.
  • Bar chart functionality added. Now, user has option to view either pie chart or bar charts.
  • User can save the generated image(s) from the File menu (it saves in the png format as of now

This is the intial screen that greets you when gFotoStat is first run.

Click on ‘Browse’ and select a folder containing some pictures. Click on ‘Generate’ to generate the charts.

A snapshot of the generated bar chart.

Few more snaps :-

Shutter Speed Bar Plot

Focal Length Pie Chart

We did manage to kill some bugs, but there still a few (read: many) are left.

Looking forward to add more features too… any comments/feedback would be of much  help!

  1. You could try actual number of images rather than percentage of images in the collection. What does the ‘Browse’ button do ?

    By the way, if you want folks to test out and provide feedback quickly, I’d suggest that you build an RPM of your release and, use a yum repo file to allow a yum install and testing (and, possibly a yum remove after test)

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