eventful chat with some friends

Few friends came over to my place today… it was pre-planned. But, what was supposed to be a small discussion, took the whole day.

Last night, I was chatting to my ex-roommate and classmate Abhijeet.  We were having a general talk when suddenly, he asked me, “I want to do some work… guide me”. hmm… I thought. And then, I introduced him to Kushal da, and they had quite a long conversation, at the end of which, Abhijeet told that he would come over today.

Today, he arrived with Ashish and Rahul. Meanwhile, Ratnadeep had also come to discuss a few things. Ratnadeep and /me showed them how to connect to the internet using their mobile phone… installed audio and video codecs, etc. Rahul, being an ECE student, provided with an FEL dvd and the iso; explained about IRC, the need to have their nicks registered, various channels, and some general stuff. They registered their nicks. They should be posting a blog on how to connect to the internet using a GPRS cellphone very soon. 🙂

Harsh(yevlempy) also arrived. My room was over-crowded 😀 but it felt nice. With so many of us gathered there, talks went on till 7:30 p.m. till we thought that we should leave something for the coming days 🙂

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  1. I go to your website every once in a while and I must say that I like your template!

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