Past few days, I, along with Meejan, under the guidance of Kushal, have been working on system-config-boot. We wrote a tui version of it, which we sent to Harald, who accepted it, and after making the required changes, committed it in git.

The link to the rawhide build is here.

To get the work done, I had to study the python snack module.

The gui version code at /usr/share/system-config-boot/ helped a lot. There are two examples present at  /usr/share/doc/newt-python-0.52.10/ namely, & , are simple and very helpful. Hack on them and you’ll learn a lot.

Lots of thanks to Kushal for mentoring us. This has been my first contribution to a project… lots more should follow 🙂

  1. Rahul Sundaram said:

    Awesome work guys. Small but solid start. Keep up the good work.

    • kishangoyal said:

      thanks a lot. will keep trying …

  2. Splendid. I hope to see more stuff in the coming months.

    • kishangoyal said:

      yes. more stuff will happen. sure.

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