Past few days, an Update.

Past few days have been quite hectic. And, the list of my pending tasks has increased considerably. I am halfway through with the conversion of the Fedora 11 installation wiki(the small install guide) into a pdf, hope to complete it by tonight… also have to make a wiki page in the fedoraproject wiki for the same and another one on how to install Sahana.

Besides, I am studying python for the Subtitle Downloader at the DGPLUG Summer Training. I have been slow with python and wish to pick up some pace (but how!! 😦 )The class on RPM packaging was very good and I am going through mbuf’s presentation and the RPM Workflow link… could anyone guide me to something very easy to try a hand at ?

Ah! I almost forgot… translation! I also have to translate the wiki into Hindi. Typing hindi on the keyboard is sooo… tough, I am painfully slow at it, but still have begun and will complete it soon (hope so!)

In the meantime, my classes have already begun and I will have to leave (probably tomorrow) for Durgapur to submit a letter to the college for additional leave 😉

    • kishangoyal said:

      thank you for the pointer. I will contact you if I need help. 🙂

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