Project : Subtitle Downloader

SubDownloader is an application used to download/upload subtitles for videos(movies). Click here to visit the site and here for the project homepage. Download the tar.gz  here.

Basic Features:-

Two operating modes . First,  scans a directory for video files => based on the names, searches subtitles from => lists all available subtitles => one can download them. Second, one can search for subtitles of a video by its title/name.

The app is quite efficient and does the job fairly well. The whole process of scanning, seacrching and downloading hardly takes any time.

Intended Additions :-

1. Add support to download lyrics of audio files. I intend to make the workflow similar to the one used in downloading subtitles for videos ( scan=>search=>download ).It should be able to scan a directory for audio files, extract its metadata like title, artist, album, etc. => search for lyrics => download them. Alternatively, one should be able to search for the lyrics based on artists, albums, etc.

2. User should have a choice to download the lyrics as a separate document or integrate the lyrics into thr audio file’s metadata.

2. The ability to watch a directory for changes (additions, updates, etc.)

3. No rpm for SubDownloader exists, I would like to package it.

Problems I am facing:

1. Where to download the lyrics from? May be lyricsdownload . Any other alternatives?

2. How to integrate the downloaded lyrics into the audio file’s metadata? Is this possible? If the lyrics are downloaded as a separate document, it would cause some trouble for users having a huge collection of music.

I have created a wiki-page for the project and  started studying python (all SubDownloader coding is done in Python) but, I don’t have any idea about Qt. I would be glad to receive any comments/help/feedback/criticism which would help the proceedings.

Update : Meejan is also in this project with me.As of now, we are studying Python from the Byte of Python and the python docs. We are practising writing codes as we are studying, and getting used to the language. Initially, I did have some trouble with the language, but with time, I am getting used to it. But, browsing (and understanding) the code of SubDownloader is still some time away, at present, it completely goes over my head( 😦 ). Lots of studying to do…

  1. bochecha said:

    Did you know that Totem already does that ?

    Of course, for people not using Totem, your program might be really useful 🙂

  2. kishangoyal said:

    No, I didn’t know that. Just beginning with it, lets see how things shape up. 🙂

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