Last year : few days before the DGPLUG Summer Training ’08 kicked off, my cellphone borked… yeah… as in LCD gone… completely… no display! And not able to see anything meant that I could not connect to the Internet via the GPRS connection I had taken for attending the online sessions! wow! awesome! 😛

Result : I attended the first few classes sitting in a cyber cafe… and missed quite a few too (cyber cafe beside my place doesn’t run late into the night!). Got the cell repaired for double the sum, and resumed training happily thereafter.

This Year : Time for the DGPLUG Summer Training to begin again!  and guess what?… my cellphone’s borked again! WOW! … Awesome! TOO Awesome!! Last time, the cellphone’s condition was my fault, I had put it under water (a mistake, of course!), but since then, I have changed my handset, but this time,  for no fault of mine, I am having to suffer… suffer without a cellphone at my hands… which has made me to wear my watch since the semesters, and I realise that even that needs a repair! LOL!!! What’s wrong this time??? … the display again!!! … gone… blank… black I mean… man!  😐

The Result : Have given it for repairs and again, have made it clear that I want it back by 5:00 p.m. on the 25th June … will pay whatever it takes (praying it’s not much!)… lets see what happens… if things don’t shape up, I guess the cyber cafe is going to be my home. 😛

Interestingly, last time my cellphone borked, it was days befor the beginning of Summer Training ’08… and this time, again, it is dead days before Summer Training ’09. Damn!

Damn !   why with me?

Update : Cellphone’s still not in working condition. Hope to get it back tomorrow. Meanwhile, got hold of a Nokia handset, managed its data cable from Ratnadeep only to see that Airtel GPRS net connection is not working on my handset although it is working fine on Rtnpro’s! Great!  made a number of calls to the Customer Care… they provided settings, applied them… still not working!!! Dman! Missed yesterday’s introductory session, sitting in a cyber cafe for attending the upcoming session(s).


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