Brush with L10N


huh! Typing the above word took me five full minutes!

After passing out of school, in two years, this was the first time, I had written…err… typed something in Hindi. Man, that was not easy! I had never dreamt that typing in Hindi could be such a nightmare.

But, after a week or so, with practice, things have begun to shape up and yesterday, I did a full paragraph. Here it is : एक पूर्ण उपलब्ध ऑफिस सूट है.

यह अध्याय बताता है:

  • के घटक

  • कुछ संवर्द्धन और नई सुविधाओं संस्करण 2 में

  • की अन्य कार्यालय suites के साथ तुलना

  • कैसे सहायता प्राप्त करें

  • लाइसेंस का विवरण

  • कुछ आम सवालों के जवाब

Lots n lots more to left to do…


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