Invite all !

It happened around a month ago … and finally, I did succeed in gathering all the courage that I could, I am sharing this with everyone. So, here it goes…

It was around a month or two ago that I joined the community website Facebook (Orkut had become too boring…) and for inviting all my friends I simply imported my gmail contacts and in the process, though unknowingly, also sent an invite to the Fedora-Docs mailing list (!).

I didn’t realise what blunder I had committed until I received an invitation myself. My jaws dropped as I read the invite and straight away, I went to the IRC in #fedora-docs to appologize… And my apology was accepted as people there had made out that it must have been a mistake, after all, Who would do that delibeartely?

Nothing much after that …I wrote a mail to the list appologizing for my ignorance…


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