Visit To Bijra High School


Today, Rtnpro and me made our long-awaited-and-delayed visit to Bijra High School. Memories of any first experience is wonderful and so is this visit to Bijra High School.

We left for Bijra at 9 a.m and reached there at around 10:45. Students and teachers had begun to arrive.

Straight away, we went in search for the Headmaster’s office. We already knew that he wouldn’t be there today but we were hoping to find someone … but didn’t. His office was locked. We went to the adjoining staffroom talked to a few teachers. We told that we were from DGPLUG and had come for a visit. They thought that we had come to take class and told us to wait until the classes begin after which we could begin! Taking a class on the first day!… šŸ˜›

We asked about he computer room and were led into it. Entering the room, our first impression was…isn’t it too empty? I mean, there were six pcs in a very spacious room. Anyway, carrying on, we went on to switch one of them on only to find that it won’t boot! Press any key to restart… Wow! we thought.

Then we found out the server pc and powered it on. This pc booted perfectly, thankfully! But err… another problem, user name and password was required which we didn’t know. So, we called up Subhodip for that and got hold of it.

Just fiddling around, we found some interesting educational stuff there… Nat Geo. videos, etc. We spent some time there and then headed for the classes.

We told the teachers that we wished an introduction with the students. We went to the VIII th and IX th Std. students and asked about their knowledge about computers … what they knew and what had been taught to them. After this we came back having made quite a few observations.

* The computers seemed to be fine.

*The knowledge of the students is limited to writing their name and drawing (for the students of Std. IX) and letter writing (in case of Std. VIII).

*The students don’t have regular classes, but they have a Computer teacher there (we met her just before leaving) and she has been teachingĀ  and has taught the current Std. VIII th students the basics of a computer, its different parts, how to write names and letters and drawing.

*Everything there is done in bengali, even the pcs there run bengali and the documents are in bengali !!! ~~Impossible for me…

*The students don’t speak up.

Well, that’s all I could manage the first day at Bijra…and during returning, we had to wait for an hour by-the-clock for the bus…wish we had a vehicle…

Heyy…I forgot to mention one thing…

When we asked the students what have they studied till now, the first reply was that they had learnt how to write their names in Microsoft Word!!!


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