Installation continued !

The whole week has been really tiring… and finally, the installations were done away with. Ratnadeep also went home…

This morning, I was sleeping… someone woke me up… and through the corners of my eyes I saw Harsh glaring at me…

The installation demon was back to taunt me again, only that this time, I was alone … as Ratnadeep had already left…Wow! what a great beginning to the day…

Reluctantly, I woke up and saw the watch, it was 11 a.m.  Back to the installation work!!! Last day, Harsh’s laptop, a Sony Viao wasn’t fully ready, with no audio, video and updates… I had tried them but there were too many missing dependencies that I could deal with… I was too frustrated at that time…just couldn’t take it any more…

So, I showed him how to install the packages and updates using the yum command in the Terminal and told him to install them himself. That time, I had thought that my work was over and he would do the installations himself… but now, here I was, doing it for him…

The same problem again, missing dependencies, but most of them were not missing… actually they had been placed in different folders… so while I was installing a particular folder, some dependency was missing.

I thought of something… copied all the packages in one single folder in his pen drive and then, installed from there…and it worked fine!!! …after a few hours’ hard work from my part, Harsh was playing around all the time and didn’t even bother to look into it (let him come to me next time…), we were done, except for the graphics card config. His ATI Raedon card could not be configured, so no ‘Desktop Effects’ for him yet… 😛


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