A busy week…!

Throughout the week, Ratnadeep and me have been very busy

If you thought that we have been studying or we had a test, you are correct. We did have a test… it was scheduled from the 25th-27th of September’08 but… we’ve bunked them…everyone has…

In fact, we’ve been busy installing Fedora 9 in some systems, and since we just had dvds and pen drives with us, it became an uphill task!

We did a total of 4 installations. And we are exhausted… yes, in just 4 . Installing Fedora from the dvd was  fine but the real problem was installing the packages and the updates. The always-missing dependencies seem to be like the Devil’s messengers…spoiling it all…

You must have figured out by now that all 4 of them are newbies and don’t know anything about Fedora. So, the basic task was to get Fedora ready for them. And we did that… just that it took a toll on us…

Now, no more installations till the Puja holidays… Also, Ratnadeep is leaving for home tomorrow(I managed to convince him to go at last!! ), so there’s no chance of me taking the plunge alone…

Btw, we are now looking for some alternatives to dvds …and any kind of help or suggestion is more than welcome.


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