A dgplug chat : 19th Sept. ’08

Ratnadeep and me were very excited as we climbed up the stairs to reach the classroom where Subhodip had called us.As we entered the room, we saw Subhodip and Arindam waiting for us.

Ratnadeep was greeted with the line, “What the f*** are you doing man??” while I received a warm smile.Then they began thrashing Ratnadeep for his carelessness and foolishness while I was declared a Hero. The thrashing was overshot a bit, I think, but Ratnadeep bore it all with a smiling face. And when his morale seemed to be dipping, Arindam cheered him up.

I must say, I enjoyed every single minute of it!!!

Meanwhile, I went to call Amrita, Arpita and Debashree to join us.They joined after having their lunch and talks drifted to almost everything except the reason Ratnadeep and I went to meet them(i.e. Bijra High School). Time flied away as we asked Subhodip and Arindam to share their Summer of Code experiences.

Also, we decided that tomorrow, 20th, being the Software Freedom Day, it would be the perfet day to welcome our juniors to the dgplug family. Rough plans were chalked out and we decided to meet later at night on the IRC to finalise things. But alas! a strike by our beloved seniors ruined all the plans. Doesn’t matter much, as there is always a next time and we would get to our juniors very soon.


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